Releasing Kings and Queens to their Original Intent
by Abraham John

Kingdom Secrets to Restoring Nations Back to God Part III

God has made us kings and priests. Each believer is a king and a priest at the same time. If you are a woman you are created to be a queen. An erroneous teaching came into the body of Christ in the 1990s that taught that kings are those involved in business or making money and priests are those in ministry. As a result, we almost lost our nation. Covetousness and greed took hold of many mighty men and the enemy destroyed their lives. Now those who are called to be kings and queens either left the church or sit in the pews frustrated and angry because of what is going on in their nation. They do not know what to do because they were never taught about it. All they have to talk about now is how their favorite sports team is doing. This book is intended to release those kings and queens to their original intent.

Man was designed and created by God to build and to live in a kingdom. It is up to us whether we build our own little kingdoms, the devil’s kingdom, or the kingdom of God. In every man is the desire to design, govern, rule, build, establish, raise up, and accomplish something, or to help someone else do it. When a man cannot do that, he gets frustrated. If a man does not have that desire in him, something happened to his manhood and it needs to be restored. A woman is designed and created to help a man who builds a kingdom, to be the queen by his side. If a woman does not have that desire, then something happened to her womanhood and it needs to be restored. It is their natural instinct.

My prayer is that the Lord will use this book to bring clarity and direction to those mighty men and women the Lord wants to use to rebuild the broken walls of this nation; to bring prayer back to our schools, to train our children in the ways of the Lord, and to love God and their family and nation more than they love the things of this world.

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