Vision Center
The Vision Center began in 2002 and raised many orphans to become world changers through the love of Christ. The Vision Center equipped children to administer the kingdom into different area's of society until March of 2015. In March of 2015 the Vision Center closed and Maximum Impact ministries began a new phase reaching more orphans and destitute children right in the communities they live in. In the future Maximum Impact Ministries plans to take the gospel to more nations through the support of our partners, bringing freedom through the light of Gospel throughout the regions of Western Asia.

Strategic Plan: Help children discover the IMAGE and LIKENESS of God through developing character, skills, creativity, and a spirit of excellence in children and youth to be the future leaders that influence the world – Culture, Religion, Government, Educational System, Economy, Media & Entertainment, and Science & Technology.

Originally we started as an orphanage in 2002 to help orphans and destitute children in India. Later, it became counter productive and God showed us that if we build orphanages for orphans, it will not change their outlook on life or the mindset of an orphan. It is like building prison for prisoners! If we do, they will remain orphans for the rest of their lives instead of becoming sons and daughters of God. What orphans need is the love of a father and mother and a vision for their future, so we changed the name of the orphanage to Vision Center. The Bible says, where there is no vision, people perish.

We have also seen the reason of poverty in many cultures is because they do not respect or honor their women and children. Many people on this earth live with an orphan heart or orphan spirit, seeking the acceptance and approval of people by performance or achievements.

If you are interested in helping in our continuing work with orphans and destitute children, please click here.