Church For All Nations

Vision: "Transforming Individuals and Cultures by Administering the Kingdom of God."

Mission: Bring awareness to the Body of Christ about the six different methods God uses to reach the world and To establish and strengthen proof-producing, Kingdom-representing, effective churches in major cities and towns of every nation that influence the Seven Spheres of the World System.

Strategic Plan: To equip each believer to fully demonstrate the Kingdom of God in one or more of the seven spheres by which this world system is made of using the specific gifts and abilities God has given them.

We have helped pioneer 88 new churches in 6 states of India and are continually expanding the Kingdom of God by planting new churches in un-reached villages, towns and cities. India has more than 500,000 villages with no church in its 27 states. Our goal is to plant at least 10 churches in each of these states by 2020.

Our desire and vision is to establish a Ministry Training Center to take in and train up ministers, indigenous to the area, to plant more churches.

My House shall be called a House Of Prayer for all nations.

What was in Jesus’ mind when He gave birth to His Church? What was His original intention? He made reference to church three times while He was on this earth. All three times He never mentioned anything about singing or worship. The first time He mentioned it in Matt 16 when He said, I will build my church. The Greek word for Church is Ecclesia which means a ground of people called out or separated for a specific function.

In Jesus’ times and in Biblical times Ecclesia is a common term that was used. Never has to do with anyone singing or preaching. It has to do with a governing body. People who sit at the gate of the city and administers justice and law to the common citizens of a particular country.

Through out the Bible we read about elders. Elders who rule and govern the affairs of a city and town. That is what He meant when Jesus mentioned the church the third time, He said when a brother has an ought against another, first they try to solve it between themselves and if they could not come into an agreement finally bring it before the church or ecclesia. He did not say come to church to worship but to solve legal problems.

In Matthew when He introduced the church He talked about it very clearly. He said He gave us keys of the kingdom and whatever we bind on this earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on this earth will be loosed on this earth. Most believers that I know taken it on demons and they have been binding demons for the last two thousand years, but nothing have changed. He was not talking about binding demons. He was talking about how to administer the kingdom of God on this earth.

In NLT it says,

Then He said, My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. Why not a house of worship but prayer. It is through prayer God accomplishes His purpose on this earth. His house on this earth is the place from which God administer His kingdom on this earth. The destiny of nations depends on His church, and their prayers. As a church we supposed to receive what God’s plan for each nations and pray it into existence.

Prayer is the greatest ministry on this earth. Jesus’s primary ministry was prayer and He spend majority of His time on this earth in prayer. Even in heaven He is interceding for us. The nations are going the way they are because the church is not praying. They are busy doing everything else, but missing the main purpose of its existence and that is prayer.

Church is the center of operation of God’s kingdom. We are His ambassadors. Ambassadors are representative of a government. When you walk or drive down your street know that you are representing a government. You are not just a believer who goes to church on the corner on a Sunday morning to worship. You are a special agent of a foreign government undercover living in whatever nation you are. It is important for you to keep in touch with your government, you do that through the medium of prayer.

Every nation has a house or government from which they administer the whole nation. They have ministers or representatives who makes laws or govern the affairs of that nation.

The name of the churches we plant will be called “Church for All Nations.” At your invitation we would come to your city or nation to preach the gospel of the Kingdom and help you plant a new church that represents God’s Kingdom in its true essence and power. If you or your church would like to be part of the Church For All Nations or would like to invite us, please contact us here.