If you missed one season cheer up, the next season will come.

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your existence? Whether or not you were born to do something significant? Does it seem like your life is going around in cycles? Does it seem like you are going from one problem to another and from one season of pain to another? Do you feel left out or that you missed your season? Remember this, you are not an accident and what is happening in your life is not a surprise to God. You may have spent most of your life going through cycles but God was trying to get your attention. He was trying to communicate something very important to you. This book will help you to know how to get free from that and how to find God’s hidden purpose in every circumstance in your life, especially when you feel ‘stuck’ on your spiritual journey.

Are you wondering what you are supposed to do with your life right now? Do you wish to know what God is up to next or why you are suddenly going through trials as never before? Are you at a turning point in your life and do not know which way to turn?

Do you feel like giving up and forgetting about every promise that God gave you? You might say that you have prayed and waited on God but no answer came. You may have cried all night until your tears dried up. In your heart, you may have questioned God’s character and faithfulness. You might be asking why God is not fulfilling His promises that you have been believing for. Or, why God is not blessing you like He is blessing so and so. How come you never seem to have any breakthroughs in your life?

One thing you need to understand is that God is not moved by your kicking and screaming, your talent or education. He works according to His season and timing. Your success in life depends upon your ability to recognize God’s timing and season for your life. You have a specific time in God’s timetable and your season will come. If you missed one season cheer up, the next season will come.

This excerpt is from Abraham John’s book Recognizing God’s Timing for Your Life, available at the store.