God’s Purpose, Will and Timing

There is a difference between knowing God’s purpose, His will, and His timing for your life. Purpose is the reason or the original intent for which He created you. God’s will is knowing what to do to fulfill that purpose. And, His timing is knowing when to do what is required to accomplish it. For example, if God called you into business, that is your purpose. There are different types of businesses. Finding what type of business He wants you to do is knowing His will. When He wants you to do that business is knowing His timing.

This applies to any area of your life. If you know you are called to minister, that is your purpose. There are different types of gifts and callings of God. Knowing what type of ministry you are called to is knowing His will. Knowing where and when He wants you to minister is knowing His timing. God has a specific purpose, will and timing for every aspect of your life.

If time and seasons are that important to fulfilling our purpose on this earth, does God make any provision for us to recognize it? How do we know if our time has come? Though I cannot tell you when your time will come, I can tell you signs through which God communicates His timing. There are seven different signs that I have found from the Word of God that He uses to communicate His timing to His people. If we learn these signs we can recognize God’s timing
for our lives.

In the following pages I am going to explain them according to the grace that is given to me. God may use any of these in our lives as we enter into a new season. I believe this book will bless you to go to the next level in your life. The greatest prayer that I have for you is that God will help you through reading this book to recognize His timing.

Once again, God’s timing is to know and discern what He is doing in your life right now and what He wants you to do at this particular season in your life: It is knowing where He wants you to be right now and learning to embrace and maximize it: To gain wisdom to discern what is happening in the spirit based on what you are experiencing in your natural circumstances, and make the right choices based on that discernment.

This excerpt is from Abraham John’s book Recognizing God’s Timing for Your Life, available at the store.