About Abraham

Following is the story of Abraham John and Maximum Impact Ministries. This story tells of how God touched the seemingly ordinary life of a young boy born in Kottarakara, Kerala, India and transformed that life into an extraordinary journey of ministry and service to Him. Author, teacher and preacher, Abraham John and Maximum Impact Ministries travel throughout India, surrounding nations, and the United States, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, helping the poor and needy, developing churches and ministers, and seeing multitudes saved, healed and delivered in the name of Jesus.

I was born in 1972 but my story began way before I was born. It was in early 1900’s that a man named Robert F. Cook from Colorado, traveled to California on a quest. He had heard of the Azuza Street revival, and out of his curiosity, was moved to go and investigate what was happening. It was during those meetings that he was filled with the Holy Spirit which changed his life and mine forever, little did he know. As he later testified, God told him to go to the nation of India as a missionary. He had never traveled outside of the United States before, but in obedience to the call of God, he boarded a ship and traveled for 30 days until he reached the Coastline of Calcutta, India. Upon arrival, however, he was directed by the Lord that Calcutta was not the place where God was sending him, and to continue heading south. Robert Cook traveled by train and on foot, until he reached my hometown, Kottarakara, which is on the Southern tip of India. Unbeknownst to Robert Cook, my great grandfather and his brother were lying sick of Typhoid, at the point of death, in their home in Kottarakara. The missionary, who came from seemingly nowhere, asked “If I pray for you and Jesus heals you, will you believe in the full gospel?” They replied that they would believe in anything if they could be healed! The missionary prayed for them and they were completely and miraculously healed of Typhoid in the name of Jesus, by the power of God. My great grandfather and his brother became the first full-gospel believers in Kottarakara. I, Abraham John, am the fourth generation of that missionary’s work.

When I was a young man, I wanted to become an electrical engineer; that was my dream. My father wanted me to become a medical doctor. However, my Heavenly Father had a different plan for my life. I learned that God’s plan is always the perfect plan for your life because He designed you, and gave you the desires of your heart. When I was a teenager I often received revelations of God’s Word in my heart. As God filled my heart with passion, I would say, “If I could share this revelation with some preachers, they could surely preach this.” I did not know at that time that it was God revealing His purpose to me. When I was eighteen I had a burning desire to go to Bible College. I decided to leave my home in Southern India and boarded a train for Northern India. After three days travel, I reached the Northern part of India where the Bible College was located. Three years later, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and joined an evangelistic team associated with the program. We traveled through twenty-one of the states of India, preaching the gospel from town to town and from door to door.

One very interesting aspect of my testimony was that I did not speak any English at all, until I went to the Bible school in India. I received the English language as a gift, supernaturally from God, and began to speak and preach in English within three months. The Lord spoke to me at the time, saying, “You need this for your future.” At the time, I had no idea what was in store for my future, but God did.

After some time, I heard about Youth With A Mission (YWAM) through a team that came to my hometown. I was drawn by how they presented the gospel through creative performance, and the flow and operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Moved by this, I felt led to join YWAM and enroll in a six-month program, through their Discipleship Training School. During this time God drew me close, and the Holy Spirit did a work in me to prepare me for my future. The Lord prepared and enabled me to take the ‘limits’ off my faith, and expanded my vision. He gave me dreams of future ministry, through which I received a global vision to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus; to preach the gospel to all creatures.

Toward the end of the YWAM course, students were required to go on a mission’s trip. My team, which consisted of six students, was selected to go to Nepal (the only Hindu kingdom in the world). It took six days to reach Nepal by train and bus. That was my first missionary outreach to a foreign country. God used each of us effectively, as many received Jesus, were healed and many captives were delivered.

Even though I held a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, I soon became aware of training offered in the U.S. (in other aspects of ministry) that was not offered in my program in India. By the hand of the Lord, in 1996 God brought me to Denver, Colorado to study at the Word to the World Bible College. I studied there for two more years and then returned to India where I started Maximum Impact Ministries. While at Word to the World, God revealed another part of His perfect plan as I met my wife to be, Tahnya. Tahnya and I were married in 1999. We have three beautiful children, Rachel, Joshua, and Renee.


It is a great privilege to share with you what God is doing through Maximum Impact Ministries in India and surrounding nations. Maximum Impact Ministries was founded in 1998 to preach the gospel, plant churches, train and equip pastors and leaders, and start orphanages and schools to help the needy in India and influence with world with the Kingdom of God. In the last 15 years we have seen God’s mighty hand upon this ministry, accomplishing more than we could have planned or imagined.

Maximum Impact Ministries is licensed through the state of Colorado as non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, headquartered out of Syracuse, New York; where it’s Board of Directors preside. During the last 15 years Maximum Impact Ministries helped plant 88 churches in 6 different states of India. We have conducted at least 2 Pastors Conferences per year and trained nearly 8,000 pastors and leaders in 5 different countries. This training is greatly needed in India where a majority of the pastors and ministers have had no formal Bible teaching or ministry training. Maximum Impact started an orphanage which we later transformed into the Vision Center. The Vision Center feeds, educates, and provides medical care for orphaned children. Most importantly, the Vision Center provides bible study, worship, and spiritual training to young children, teaching them to become leaders and ministers of tomorrow. The Vision Center currently houses 32 children.


Another emerging aspect of my ministry that I could not have envisioned was the authoring of six books to date. The Lord led me to write several books for the first time in a supernatural way. Those first two books were written over two twenty-four-hour periods, in two days. I was seeking the Lord, searching for answers to questions I had in my heart, fasting and praying, when one morning I had a strong desire to write. I went to my desk and started writing at 6:30 am and continued writing until 9:30 pm. When I looked at what I wrote, God had answered my questions through my pen and it was a chapter-by-chapter book. He said, “It’s not just for you but others need to know this as well.” The next day the same thing happened, as I finished the second book. I have been writing ever since.

We are currently editing our 6th book called “The Three Most Important Decisions Of Your Life” subtitled: Kingdom secrets to discovering and fulfilling your destiny. This book shares wisdom that empowers believers to overcome challenges and helps them to see and seize their purpose. The Lord said that life on this earth is only long enough to make three major decisions and the rest of your life you live the consequences of those decisions. This is the best book God has given me so far. Each of these books has the power to equip and empower the believer to walk free from the shackles that hold them back. Each book was written from Holy Spirit revelation and experience in response to challenges I faced and questions I asked about the victorious Christian life. We have had many testimonies from people who have been blessed by reading them.


The first decade of our ministry was a season of laying foundation. Now, God is opening doors to other nations. I recently went to Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Nigeria. There we conducted a Pastors Conference and I was encouraged to see pastors from ten different denominations in attendance. The need for training and materials is so great that it forced a complete breakdown of unseen denominational barriers. These people are gracious, loving, and hungry for the Word of God. They are exceptionally open to the moving of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. They have requested that we return three times per year.

God has given me a unique revelation about the current world system, how it began and how the body of Christ is supposed to reach the world, which is made of Culture, Religion, Government, Economy, the Educational System, Media & Entertainment, and Science and Technology. Jesus came to give us a Kingdom and not a church or a religious system. When we administer God’s kingdom into the seven spheres this world system is made of then we will see true transformation of cities and nations.

The vision God gave me is to train the body of Christ to administer God’s Kingdom in all the nations of the world. The mission God gave me, is to help people discover and fulfill their purpose. It is to “Take back that which was stolen, to build back that which was demolished, and to heal that which was made crooked.” Of my most recent books published are Recognizing God’s Timing for Your Life and Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Tests.